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Missouri Association of Faculty Senates

About the MAFS
The Missouri Association of Faculty Senates (MAFS) is composed of the elected senates, councils, or equivalent groups of the public four-year colleges or universities in the state of Missouri who join.  These groups are designated as Associated Senates.

MAFS began in February of 1993 when twelve faculty senate officers from seven different four-year public colleges and universities met in Jefferson City.  Participants resolved to form the Association with the following purposes:

  • Strengthening the faculty component of college and university governance.
  • Sharing information, concern, and governance procedures.
  • Providing leadership training for people involved in faculty governance.
  • Working with government agencies for the betterment of higher education.

A constitution was ratified at the first MAFS Conference at Southwest Missouri State University in June, 1993.

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More MAFS Information
  • MAFS maintains a central office in Jefferson City at the Coordinating Board for Higher Education offices.
  • MAFS hosts spring and fall conferences which bring together Associated Senates to work on issues that affect governance in four-year public institutions.
  • MAFS collects and shares documents on governance with Associated Senates.
  • MAFS works through standing committees to monitor and communicate higher education concerns to Associated Senates.
  • MAFS works actively with government agencies for the betterment of higher education.

To e-mail all members, write to: