Why it's beneficial to join?

The Membership in MAFS provides Faculty Senate respresentatives opportunities to visit one-on-one with Missouri Legislators, Liaisons, and Representatives of Higher Education across the Senate. It offers attendees a glimpse into current and upcoming legislation affecting higher education. The netwroking opportunities with other institutions of higher education offers Faculty Senates a means to collaborates and support the shared governance work that is being done across campuses.

The 2019-2020 Missouri Association of Faculty Senate Membership dues are being collected now. Each institution is allowed to have two voting member per membership. A third member is welcome, non-voting, to attend. Use the attached invoice to submit your dues today.

Membership in MAFS allows access to Members only information which includes: a discussion board, polling and questions resources, and a report submission function that assures your institution's Senate voice is heard by leaders in State government advocating for higher education.